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adrian posted this 06 January 2014

Took me the whole evening but finally got an album loaded

1/ Page would keep freezing so had to log out / in several times. This occurred while loading pictures and making appearance changes. Now using firefox. IE is a problem

2/ How to add captions ?

3/ Tutorial needed as the process is not very intuitive. Where are albums stored and accessed for editing ? Do all albums show in album pane and those not wanted locked out?


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admin posted this 06 January 2014

Hi Adrian, sorry for all the trouble with IE. IE8 is a real headache even to developer like us. In the meantime, please use modern browser, such as Chrome and Firefox, or IE9 and above. To answer your question:

  1. Would like to know if the page freezing happens to IE only or Firefox as well?
  2. To add caption, simply click on the uploaded picture in editing mode. A dialog will pop up allowing you to edit the caption, as well as numerous different option.
  3. A video tutorial for photo album datapane is on the way. Please allow us a few days to work on it. :)


adrian posted this 07 January 2014

Hi, Thanks now added captions ok to pics in albums. One point however, after info is loaded (description , position etc) I would like to click "save " or something similar. The only option was " cancel" . People like me like "save" then we know its ok

Also, when a picture is added in a dialogue box, (not an album) can a caption be added ? Couldn't see anything obvious. Would be nice if it was the same procedure as the album pics.

regards adrian

ps was using firefox when experiencing low up speed but was on wifi. Will try a few more times and let you know. may have been lots of traffic from NZ

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Alvin D'BugKiller posted this 07 January 2014

Thanks for the suggestion. It seems like we have quite a bit to improve on the album datapane on the usability aspect. Stay tuned!

I am a Boatlogger support moderator and a bug killer. :D

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