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andrew@afloat.ca posted this 05 March 2015


I am new to the site...great concept! I'm excited about giving it a try.

I am trying to embed BoatLogger datapanes into my Blogger site. The content shows up fine when browsing with Chrome but the content doesn't show up at all when browsing the site with IE 11.0.16.

The blogger url is http://www.afloat.ca/p/shackleton-ii.html

Thanks for your help.


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andrew@afloat.ca posted this 08 March 2015

An update on my problem with IE iframes...

I've done some testing and have found the follow:

  1. Using a different site URL in the boatlogger provided iFrame code displays the other site content fine. This seems specific to the boatlogger content.
  2. I tested compatibility settings in IE, didn't make a difference.
  3. I tested using the "trusted site" function, didn't make a difference.
  4. I tried changing the tag to an EMBED, didn't make a difference.
  5. If I use the same iframe code in a local HTML file it will display fine. Even if I take a copy of the HTML from the blogger site and insert it into a local HTML file it displays fine.

This last test makes me think that this is relating somehow to security zones.

Has anyone successfully used the iFrame functionality in another site with IE?

I'd like to sign up for a membership in the service but I'd like to get this figured out first since it is an important functionality for me.



andrew@afloat.ca posted this 17 March 2015

After much digging I have fixed the issue with Internet Explorer not displaying iframes in my Blogger site. The template that I'm using in Blogger is based on the "Simple" template. This is one of the default Blogger templates.

It contains the following meta tag:

<meta content='IE=EmulateIE7' http-equiv='X-UA-Compatible'>

This tag breaks the iframe that displays the Boatlogger information. Removing the line doesn't [seem to] break the template but it does fix this problem I was having.

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john@boatlogger.com posted this 18 March 2015

Thanks for the solution! Let us dig into this and see if something can be done from our end on this.

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