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rchitty@live.com posted this 24 November 2014

Thanks for the information update guys, the app is looking really good with some useful extra info.

I noted on the 2 page info sheet you state that the log book has a print facility so that we can keep a hard copy if required. Can you tell me how to use this option as I can't find a 'print' command. Is it an up and coming extra?

Also having completed a few cruises last season 'Kevayling' is now undergoing winter restoration for next season. Is there a way to reduced the cruise list for the 2013 Thames Cruise and 2014 season on the log book data pane as if I complete as many cruises next 2015 season the segment list is going to be very long!

Keep up the good work.

Ray C

Retired layabout and part-time sailor.

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john@boatlogger.com posted this 06 December 2014

For the logbook organisation, we suggest to create more logbooks and move segments to them. Hence, instead of one logbook for all of 2014, you could have one for each month or one for pre-season trips, one for summer and one for post season trips. You can move the segments easily to a new logbook.

The logbook printing is intended for the BoatSupervisor on board to print events as they happen on a thermo printer. The BoatSupervisor is only in concept stage yet and hence not viable. However, we will add a normal printing function to the feature list of the logbook datapane. Makes a lot of sense to also be able to print that in a good way. A half solution in the meantime would be to print the web page or to use the export app and export it to Excel and print anything you need there. Works, but not so nice and convenient. Let us work on this.

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