Maintenance scheduling

0 posted this 06 April 2015

I might be missing this somewhere but, is there a way to track scheduled maintenance? Ideally it could be a re-occurring task type of system that alerts based on time or boat parameter (miles, engine hours, etc).



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0 posted this 11 April 2015

We have thought of a similar maintenance calendar, but to make it user friendly and useful has been an issue and we have therefore so far not proceeded.
We appreciate any features such a datapane should have. Feel free to post replies on this thread with your ideas.

0 posted this 14 April 2015

What about an integration with an existing online calendar provider? Google Calendar or Office 365 would be logical choices but there are a ton of them with mature functionality. Really it is just the integration with the boat system lists that would be needed for the datapane to make it useful.

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