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0 posted this 25 January 2015

A lot is happening at BoatLOGGER and there are many cool things already here and coming. Thought I just give you an informal heads up.

  • In the News section you can read about the latest awards and mentonings that BoatLOGGER has had.
  • Those of you who are observant has probably seen a few new Datapanes lately. The Fuel Datapane is already published and we are making the finishing touches on it to make it fool proof.
  • Those who connect electronics (Sea Smart, 3G Trackers etc) to the site have special datapanes for that plus a new (usually hidden) event types that is great for "electronics" who automatically push a lot of data to BoatLOGGER. These events are called M2M events (for Machine to Machine).
  • A new graph datapane for showing any kind of values (especially good for M2M events)

More is soon to come with updates to the mobile apps as a key feature.

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JWilson posted this 15 June 2015

Hi John, I hope all is well. I've noticed that your BoatLogger admin posts and replies have dwindled somewhat of late. Can you comment on whether the site is still being actively developed and supported, or is it now going to be left to run on its own inertia now that it's mostly functional? Overall the site has tremendous promise and potential, but I think it's important to know that there is a vibrant user base community in addition to an ongoing investment and interest on the part of the site owner.

0 posted this 01 July 2015

Dear Wilson and all users!

Let us first apologize for the slow response of late. We have gone through some changes here at BoatLogger that unfortunately have impacted the support. Now in time for the main boating season we are however ready and back again.

A few changes will be seen shortly. The most visible of those are that we are finalising the development of a new App. There are some nice new functionalities in this new app, but more importantly is that it will take care of a few bugs that affected the core logging for some (Android ) users lately. We had to moved the complete development to a new development tool as the previous tool unfortunately caused this problems.

Other changes are that the support team has been strengthened and will be fully staffed every day. This should ensure fast response for all users. Stay tuned for more information in the next week.


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