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0 posted this 06 August 2014

Hi Whilst trying to tidy up some log entries, the entire days worth of data disappeared. The data is still on the app but there seems to be no way of re-sending this info to the server. I have tried re-creating the data manually but have given up after 2 hours. The start and destination co-ordinates randomly delete them selves and I have now put them back in 3 times. The map section for this is tiny and defaults to several miles off the west coast of Africa. Even when these positions are shown on the log page, the distance does not re-calculate. Adding events from the app is ok but you have to go back to the log page after every addition and then back in to the event add screen. trying to position the events however has proved impossible. I am impressed with the app and the output from the site but it seems if data needs editing it all goes wrong. Any ideas what I have done wrong? Thanks Clive

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0 posted this 09 August 2014

Hi Clive, Generally the data is still on the site and it is not lost. We also otherwise have backups. Recreating the trip manually should not really be necsessary in this case. I will contact you via email to undrstand more which segment you are discussing and how to proceed.

For a more general case creating a trip manually and drawing the track is fairly straight forward (unless there now is some bug in your case) as indicated in this video.

When a map defaults to Africa, it is because that happens to be Lat=0, Long=0 and happens if your position can not be deduced. The position is firstly assumed to be where the previous logbook segment ends, but if there is no segment there it should take your the location of your internet service provider which usually is close by where you are. If you see Lat,Long=0,0, then this has failed. Feel free to report to support@boatlogger and we can try to see what has gone wrong.

Adding events should be quite easy after you have a logbook track (manually or automatically added). You just right click on the map in the logbook segment where you want the event to be and select 'Add Event'. If the right click is not exactly on the logged track, the event is moved to the closest track (as it must have happened where you were) and the time is automatically set to when you were there.

To calculate the distance after editing it manually, click the "Recalculate Distance" link that you find when you go into the logbook segment in the table just above the DESCRIPTION heading.

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0 posted this 19 May 2015

I have done the same thing. Somehow managed to delete a whole day's segment (16/5/15) including pics etc while thinking I was tidying up the log. Please help!

0 posted this 01 June 2015

I guess I should have read this post before posting my new thread above. This sounds like a very similar issue to what I am having.

I also had difficulty trying to manually add in the segment afterwards.

Admin, my lost segments are from May 22nd & 23rd.

0 posted this 19 June 2016

I too, would like to have a way to reload data from the phone app. I managed to delete my log book online (really, there should be an undo function, if this happens). I still have the log segments on my phone, but there seems to be no way to reload the data (or resync the data) to restore the missing log book online. Help!

0 posted this 19 June 2016

Undo functions for segment deletion are on the todo list for coming versions.

We might be able to retrieve some data for you today as well, but then we do that manually via our backups. If you have accidentally deleted important data, you may contact our support and we can attempt to read back.

0 posted this 19 June 2016

Note however that it is not possible to delete pictures when deleting a segment. Pictures have to be remvoed from the Photo Album. If you delete a log book segment, the pictures will still be in your Album. Only the positions and log book events are deleted when deleteing a log book segment.

0 posted this 19 June 2016

Thanks John. That would be great if you could restore my logbook. If there's anything I need to do on my end (like make a special request via an online form) let me know.

0 posted this 20 June 2016

@Scott: Now done.

@All: If you have many continuous segments to delete at once, then a good trick is to first merge those segments into one and then delete the segments. It is faster and less error prone.

To merge the segments, select those you want to merge and choose 'Merge Segment'.

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