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admin posted this 03 January 2014

Welcome BoatLoggers! We are still fairly new and in our early beta stage so you will most probably encountered bugs here and there. Once we get a bug report from you, we will dispatch our highly trained technical monkey to fix it as soon as possible.

Feel free to introduce yourself in this ice breaking session.

When submitting a bug report, try to be as clear as possible on where it happened and what you were doing when it happened as well as the outcome.

Once again, welcome to BoatLogger. Let's together make this site the perfect place for us boaters!

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cdouglascampbell@gmail.com posted this 24 May 2014

Well, I THINK this is the right place to post a "Hello" message. :)

I just signed up today after taking the time to read the full write-up on Panbo. I've been looking for a good, unified logging system for our Albin 35 TE, Sonny IV. I've tried a few of the other apps out there and some of them have some very good features (BoatingSuite is my current favorite) but they appear to have stalled on development. I'm hopeful that the team here will be building a truly capable system and I look forward to helping out during Beta.


Doug Campbell New Canaan, CT, USA www.boatlogger.com/sonny.iv

Sonny IV - Albin 35 TE Convertible

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